The ability to create household and individual bios has been added. This can serve as an introduction for new people moving in, or neighbors you may not know well, or even a brief history of you as the years go by.

On the people page there are now buttons for switching between the contact list and a new households list. The households list shows each household, the house number and the members of the household. If either the household or any of the members has entered a bio for themselves, there will be a “bio” button on their household which you can click to learn more about the household.

In addition to text you can also upload pictures for your bios.

  • to edit your individual bio, select Settings from the popup menu in the upper right and then click on the Bio tab.
  • to edit the household bio, go to your household's page (first item in the popup menu, with your household’s name) and then click “edit household bio” on the left.

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